• Winners receive an artistic work made of zinc (the ARCHIZINC TROPHY) at an award ceremony.

  • Their creations are published in a special issue of FOCUS ON ZINC, an international architectural journal by VMZINC, 50,000 copies of which are distributed to building professionals in over 30 countries

Archi Zinc Trophy 2014 - Edition 6

Individual Housing
Winner - Private house, Ghent (Belgium)
Special award - Bouckaert private house, Roeselare (Belgium)

Collective Housing
Winner - The “Tchécoslovaquie” building, Nantes (France)
Special award - Den Travoo, Hoeilaart (Belgium)
Special award - Le Carré en Seine, Issy-les-Moulineaux (France)

Public Buildings
Winner - Reading room, Wuppertal (Germany)
Special award - Employment and Training Centre, Rodez (France)
Special award - Stonehenge Visitor Centre, (United Kingdom)  

Commercial Buildings
Winner - MAKRO food wholesaler, Madrid (Spain)
Special award - Greenland Clubhouse, Chongqing (China)
Special award - Health Centre, Freiberg (Germany)

Special Awards
Sustainable building - Boisé Library, Montreal (Canada)
Internet award - Private house, Isla Colunga (Spain)
Jury's special award - Civic and cultural centre, Palencia (Spain)